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Middle Tennessee Hosta Society

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September 17,2022, from 9:00 to 12:00 noon and we meet at the home of Pam Rice.  The garden open house begins at 9:00 AM. We will come inside for a short meeting at 10:00 AM and then the garden open house continues until 12:00. We we will meet (as originally planned) at the home of Pam Rice, 4208 Cecil Ct. S, Nashville, TN 37207. Everyone knows that hostas are not their best in August, but Pam has a wonderful collection, and there will be many great things to see. There will also be (just a few) hostas for sale at the meeting, which are a sample of some plants that will be sold next May at our sale.The sales will be cash or check, no credit cards.  Please put this date on your calendar and more detail will come later.

Advance notice: October meeting – please save the date.

Thursday, October 27th at 7:00 PM we will have a zoom meeting with a guest speaker. Mary Albrecht is a member of the East Tennessee Hosta Society and did a great deal to facilitate the recent regional conference there. Here is her topic for the session.

Is it safe to divide my hostas now? And, other common autumn gardening questions.

As we move into autumn, there's lots to do to get the garden ready for next spring - from dividing hosta, planting bulbs, garden clean-up, weed prevention, and so much more.

The zoom link will be sent in the October newsletter and we hope you will join us.



 June, July, August, November & December 2022 - No Meetings